Page 11. 

These are pictures well north of route 90 on the way to I-10. 

This is north of town, getting close to I-10.  I didn't get
the pictuer taken in time, so you can't see the rest of
the property, however, this is now home.

I was a little slow with the camera, but this house
was damaged, and home is now the trailer on the
right hand side.

Debris cleaned up from the field on the right hand
side of the road.

If you enlarge this photo, it will show that the roof over
a fueling station has been damaged.  As I said, 9 months
later, it is still not repaired.

Although it is difficult to see, this is an rv park next to I-10.
 It is full of what appears to be displaced people.

Same with this picture.  This is the same park as the
previous picture.  Enlarging it will help.

And another of a different part of the park.

And one more of the park.

And the final one of the park.