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Those of you who know the area, may recognize certain places or landmarks.  On some of these pictures, I have no caption.  In some cases, what is there to say.  Just keep in mind these pictures were taken nearly 9 months after Hurricane Katrina.

Remember to hold down the shift while clicking on a picture to open it in a new window, then close the new window after viewing the enlarged file.

This strutcure somehow survived, however it sits back a ways from route 90.

Here's another trailer with a wheelchair ramp in front of it.

Temporary housing.  Notice the sewer line from the trailer.

Debris still evident 9 months after the storm.

More evidence of nothing between here and there.

More temporary housing with a couple of structures in the distance.

Temporary homes.

More Temporary homes.

Again, the concrete foundation survived.  Note the angle of the fire hydrant in the lower left corner of the pictue.  This was not a distortion from the windshield.

Temporary housing.

Piles of debris still very abundant.

More debris on a foundation.

One of the few structures to survive the Hurricane.

Even though the structure is still here, there is nothing left.

This is a shot of route 90 heading West.

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