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Viewed left to right.

View of route 90 heading west.

This picture is obvious distorted because of the windshield.

This structure is still standing with significant damage.

This is another one standing.  If you look close there are many people inside, even though parts of the roof is missing, and the entire end wall is gone.  They're using what they have.

Another view of route 90 going west.

More concrete in tact, but nothing else.

Concrete foundation if foreground, housing in background.

More temp housing.

Another foundation that survived.

And another.

The signs tell a story.  Some survived, some didn't.

A steel structure survived.

Not much left here.

These are the support poles of a structure that no longer exists.

As are these.

On this day, there were many cars, and some boats, with people enjoying the spring sun, and boating.

Temporary headquarters in the trailer.

The structures on the beach are gone.

Another sign that survived, and not the building.

And another, even though the building is long gone.

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