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Next page.  View left to right.  The WalMart store is in the town of Pass Christian.

Another No Trespassing sign.

The one in the middle reads "This Gate is Monitored 24 Hours a Day".  Apparantly Not.

Steps lay in the foreground.

Even some of the trees didn't survive the storm.

A view looking towards the Gulf of Mexico.

More foundation, some survived and some didn't.

A view looking west on route 90.

Nothing here either. Part of this may have been a park.

Parts of a foundation in the distance.

The sign reads "Special Financing Available for Oaks of Long Beach".  It is a Capital One Bank sign.

The WalMart store is still there.  Picture distorted.

The Garden Center Area.

A better picture of the Store Front.

And the other side of the Store.

Even though the light poles survived, the lights are long gone.

Another For Sale sign on this property.

A piece of equipment brought in to help in cleanup.

A truck awaits being filled with debris.

Some kind of Headquarters.  Not sure for what.

Some vehicles nearby the Headquarters, with sheds in the rear.  I could not tell if they were temporary living quarters or not.

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