July 1, 2006

Ok, enough excitement already.  This is Saturday night.  I didn't explain all of our Friday night  when I posted last night.  In addition to the right front air bag blowing, we also had a little more excitement. 

After the airbag blew, we came back to the campground, and when getting ready to back into the site, the air conditioner shut off.  So, I finished backing in, leveled the Motor Home, and hooked up the electric cable to the post.  I flipped the breaker on and told Sherry to turn the air back on, and it fired right up.  (Ok, thinking we had a possible generator problem, or maybe just a fluke),  I walked around the rig, and came back inside, which by then, the air conditioner had stopped again.  I could hear the compressor running, but the fan would not. 

Ok, well, I'll post something on the one forum about this, and maybe I can get some help there from someone who knows more about it than I do.  So, 1/2 hour later, I crawl up on the roof, and pull the cover off the air conditioner.  Everything looks okay, so it's time to run a couple of tests.  The tests seem to come back mostly ok, but, maybe not.  I talked to another guy on the forum, and decide to sleep on it.   Now, remember, this is Texas.  By now, it's about 8:30 and still 87 degrees. 

So, we decide to turn a couple of fans on, and just wait for it to cool down.  Finally, about 1:00 we go to bed, yes A.M.   We'll sleep on what to do.  According to a couple of guys on the forum, we can probably replace the capacitors (3 of 'em), for a cost of  between 30 and 60 bucks, and/or replace the electric motor.  Motor is supposed to cost around 70 bucks or so.  Between those items, it should work.  Remember, the compressor works just fine.  While up on the roof, I notice that the cover for the air conditioner is getting brittle, and starting to crack and in the beginning stages of falling apart.  Checking the price on Camping World's website reveals an additional 120 bucks or so for a replacement cover.  That means now we are up to 200 - 250 bucks for this job.  That's if I do the work.  Remember, this is trying to patch up a 23 year old air conditioner. 

From past experience, sometimes when you change electrical components, now the older parts become the weak link (read compressor here), and later on the older part fails anyhow.  So, that made our decision.  Time to replace rather than repair.  Camping World is about 80 miles away, one way, 160 miles round trip.  Time to get up early, get on the road early, (to avoid too much heat), and get there before it gets too hot.  We got away this morning about 9 or a little after.   Yeah, I know, it's not all that early.  Didn't sleep all that great, ok?

Driving towards the Camping World store, I decided to call ahead and see if they have any in stock.  No answer.  I try again.  No answer.  Again.  No answer.  The voice message says they are open.  Nobody's answering the phone, though.  Call again.  No answer.  Keep your mouth shut, and continue driving.  More calls, more no answers.  It takes about 2 hours to get there.  Every 5 or 10 minutes, I call, no answer.  We finally get there about 11:15 and guess what?  They're open.  Ok, have you guys got an air conditioner to fit this thing?  Yes.  What are the chances of getting this installed today.  Slim to none.  Rats.  Let me check for you.  Yup, the shop foreman says we can get it in.  Whew!  Come back about 1:00. 

OK.  Lunch time.  No, not in the motor home.  It's hot in there.  Drive up the street.  Ah ha, a Cracker Barrel.  Nice rv parking out back.  We park and start walking towards the front door.  Come around the corner towards the front door, and wow, people sitting everywhere.  Well, let's find out how long this will be.  About 20 minutes to get seated.  That works.  We finally get seated, order our meal, which was delicious, pay and leave.  Head back up the highway to Camping World.  Arrive there at 1:00 on time.  Let them know we are back, so whenever they are ready, we are. 

An hour later I'm thinkin - is this really gonna happen today?  Finally they call for us, and pull the motor home into the shop.  1 and 1/2 hours later, the mechanic comes in and asks, "why are we replacing this air conditioner"?  I reply,  it stopped and would not run.  I could turn it over by hand, but as soon as the power was turned on, it would stop.  He says, "so you did not have any trouble with the circuit breaker tripping"?  No.  "Did the Microwave work"?  Yes.  He turns and leaves. 

I'm thinkin, this isn't good, when the guy working on the rv starts asking those kinds of questions.  About 10 or 15 minutes later, I stand up and look in the direction of the rv, and the mechanic motions me to come out into the shop.  I comply.  He says, "it must have been our plug here in the shop.  I changed to a different outlet and everything is fine".  Big sigh of relief.  We had originally asked if they might have time to install a set of front air bags to replace the bad ones up front, and they said they would try, but no guarantees.  By this time it's getting to be 3:45 or so, and I'm guessing they won't have the time, due to other appointments.  I guessed correctly.  No big deal, I'll take a pair with me, and I will install them myself. 

So, $700 bucks and 5 hours later we are out the door with a working air conditioner, a set of air bags for the front of the motor home, 2 spark plugs for the generator, a 30 amp to 15 amp electrical adapter, and a 500 piece puzzle for the better half.  (gotta keep the  mind sharp, ya know).  We walk out and I pull the first plug out of the generator.  They just sold me the wrong 2 plugs.  I grab the receipt, and the plug I just pulled out of the generator, and back into the store I go. 

 "Do you have any of these", I ask, handing the correct plug to the  person behind the counter.  "Yes, we do, and they are the same price, so I'll just correct your receipt, and you can be on your way".  Thanks.  I return to the motor home, set the gap on the plugs, (one was pinched shut), and install the plugs.  I hit the start button, and she starts right up.  "Better half, turn on the air".  She turns on the knobs, and nothing happens.  Now what?  I try the Microwave.  Nothing there either.  Ah, I guess the mechanic forgot to plug in the cord into the little receptical in the storage box.  I guess right.  I plug in the cord, and we turn on the air conditioner once again.  AIR.  COLD AIR.  Thank God.  It's cold air again.

Now, it's time to get out of here, and head back to the campground, in the COOL, no less.  The drive back was pretty much un-eventfull compared to the rest of the day.  SO-

We are back at the campground, enjoying the air conditioning, watching others walk and drive by, enjoying the air conditioning.  Did I mention we are enjoying the air conditioning?  The good news is, the installation costs were 1/2 price.  Imagine that.  They installed this air conditioner for just $37.25.  For an hour and 1/2 of work.  Glad I didn't try to do it myself.

So, that's it, we never did get to the flea market we had planned to get to today.  Maybe, tomorrow.  You just have to have your priorities, correct?  We think so.  That's it for tonight.  After taking the time to write this, I am not posting any pictures tonight.  I will try to ready some for tomorrow.  Hope you enjoyed the play by play of how our day went.

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