July 3, 2006

Nothing much exciting happening today.  We did have a shower late this afternoon, and then it cleared up, and the sun came out.  I don't think the temperature ever hit 90 degrees today.  Most of the day, was semi cloudy, so with the cloud cover, the temperature never got very high.  We did see a few rv's leave today.  I guess there are some people that may need to get home to go to work.  Then again, who really knows?  At the moment, our plan is to be here for another week, before leaving.  That is unless we change our minds, and do something different.  But that's how it stands for now.  There are a few pictures that I posted tonight, that are from our trip on Saturday, when we were heading to Denton to visit Camping World for an air conditioner.  That's it for tonight.

These are apartments just outside of Greenville.

And these.

And these.

One of the few times that you can get a picture with a view like this in Texas.

And another one, just to the right of the one above.

This is the entrance of a new development going in.  Definately upscale.

And another shot of the same development.

Ad for a new development.

Small set of stores in front of one of the new developments.

Doesn't seem like the prices are too bad here.

Side of a trailer with a race car inside.  Thought the name was kind of unique.

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