July 4, 2006

No, even though you may have heard on the news that Texas is getting all kinds of rain today, we did not get any.  It seemed to be around us, but we got none.  From listening to the news, in some areas around Dallas and Fort Worth there was some flash flooding, but not here.  It was somewhat more humid here today.  I'm not sure exactly what the humidity was, but it didn't feel like it was 90 % like it gets back home.  I'm guessing that it may have been 60% or so.  Many of the people that were here for the weekend left today.  There are many rigs still here, but a lot of them are empty.  Some of the people leave their rv's sit for a few weeks at a time, and just visit on weekends, instead of hauling the rv back and forth.  Well, anyhow, I guess that's the wrap up for today.  Have a few pictures posted tonight.  Have a look.

This was on the way to Denton, Tx on Saturday, when we were headed to Camping World.
We have seen very few of the high rise buildings in the areas that we have been in.

This was in the Camping World parking lot.  It looks like a home made trailer, with the siding either of aluminum
or steel, I'm not sure which.  It looks like it would be used for some kind of concession stand, with all the windows.

This is one way to fix a broken rear window.  Yes, that is a piece of painted plywood covering the back, complete
with hinges up at the top.  I guess it is considerably cheaper than replacing the glass.

Here's something you don't see in Penna.  The tires on this truck are sticking way out past the fenders.

This is (was) a lake between Greenville and Denton.  Due to the lack of rain in the area, the water level is low.

Another shot of the same lake.

And another.

If you look closely, in the center of the picture you can see the different water lines as the water was receding.

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