July 6, 2006

Thursday, and we had a couple of new people come in today.  There is a 5th wheel across from us that I will try to post some pictures of, tomorrow night.  We did get some walking in today.  High temps were only about 90 or so.  When we got up this morning, we took a quick short walk and the humidity was higher than what we have experienced since being in Texas, but throughout the day, the humidity came down, and tonight the humidity is fairly low again.  We did not have any rain today.  We are scheduled to leave here next week on Tuesday.  Our 3 weeks will be up at that time.  Well, I guess I don't have a whole lot to report this evening.  Everything is functioning normally.  Good night.

This isn't a great picture, but this is a squirrel eating an ear of corn.  He actually did get it stripped of  the kernels.

Here is another coming down the tree.  This is probably the sucker that kept us awake one night at 2:00 AM.

A screened in area outside with a picnic table inside, and a hammock outside with a fan to stay cool.

How is this for using a plastic 55 gal drum as a ride for kids for the 4th of July weekend.

You can see the screws in the end of the drum going into the 2 x 6 to be used as a seat.

And here's a string of them, to make a train.  They were pulled by one of the golf carts in the picture.

A smoker, and it's smoking.

Didn't believe me?  Here is a closer picture, and you can see the smoke.

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