July 8, 2006

Today's Saturday.  We're winding down our time here at this park.  Soon time to move on.  It started to heat up a little more today.  I think the weatherman said it's supposed to get a little warmer the next couple of days.  I took a few pictures today, and we took a couple of walks today.  Hit a new milestone for me.  Little over 20,000 steps.  If the stride length is 30", that works out to a little over 9 miles.  I did take a picture of the pedometer.  No, I didn't sit in chair and shake it 20,000 times.  If we keep walking like this, I'm gonna have to get other shoes.  Actually, both of us will have to get new shoes.  Anyhow, I guess it's soon time to hit the sack.  Getting close to midnight.  Other than walking, we didn't do anything spectacular today.  Enjoy the pics.

This is the pedometer I use when walking.  It counts the number of steps I take.
Yes, this was only 1 days count.  Today.  Just a hair over 20,000 steps.

Bumper sticker on a vehicle in the campground.

How's this for hot and dry ground?

This and the next few pics are of some dry ground in the campground.

Apparantly the've done away with the bean bags, and are now throwing washers.  Steel washers.
This is a tournament at the family center.  There are 3 holes on each end.  The woman with a "stick"
is actually holding a magnet, to pick the washers up, after they've been thrown.

If you look at the end of the black arrow, there is a washer flying through the air, with the greatest of ease.

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