July 9, 2006

The temperature warmed up a little here today.  The thermometer read in the mid 90's today.  Early this evening, we took a short walk, and yes, it was very warm, with low humidity.  No rain happened today.  This area is really dry as you could see from the pictures yesterday.  We'll be moving on Tuesday, probably about 100 miles or so, to another park in Texas.  Probably won't stay there but a day or two.  It's about time to slowly head back to Pa.  That is probably the highlights for this evening.  Maybe when we move, we can get some additional pictures to post.

Not everybody has a high end rig here.  Note the air conditioner hanging in the front window.

Close up.

An American Flag made from red, white, and blue lights.

How about a green light made from one of
those 5 gallon buckets.

Yes, this is made from lights.  It says, "United We Stand".

Not sure how well this will show up on your monitor.  There is an American flag on the left, a Texas flag
on the right, and the "United We Stand", and the 2 little dogs holding a "bone" with the name of the people in the middle.

Ok, not as good as yesterday, but still not too bad.  Translates into about 6.5 miles or so.

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