July 10, 2006

Well, I finally installed the new front air bags on the motorhome today.  Remember, the right front one blew out on the 30th of June.  Right before the air conditioner died.  Well, since the left front one was leaking already, it was time to replace both of them.  When we had the air conditioner installed on July 1, they did not have time to do the airbags, so I just bought them and brought them along back to the campsite.  Today was the day.  We are planning on moving tomorrow, so, I decided to install them before we leave, because it makes the motor home handle so much better.  It took a little longer than I thought, and the left one was harder to get in than the right, (don't know why), but I got them in. These air bags have an extension that I ran to the side of the Motor Home so that I don't have to crawl underneath to get the front airbags.  The rear airbags already have those extensions, so it's just a matter of getting close to an air source.  They do make an automatic system to add, so you can control the air pressure from inside the cab, or automatically, but at $200 - $300, for now, I think I'll use the manual method.  Tomorrow morning, we will dump the tanks before we leave, and finish filling the air bags, and head for another Thousand Trails park.  There are 2 more parks in Texas that I want to visit, before we head for Pa.  I think we will only stay a night or two in each though.  Might even touch the southern end of Oklahoma, before we exit the area.  Anyhow, I don't have any pictures for this evening, so, while we are moving tomorrow, perhaps we can get some then.  This has been a really nice stay at this park, even though it was over the 4th of July weekend, but although it was full that weekend, it was not overly noisy.  We didn't have any noisy or obnoxious neighbors, and that's something you rarely ever see in a TT park.  That is one thing the management won't tolerate very long, at least in all the parks we've been in, that is how it seems to be run.  Well, enough of my ramblings for this evening.  It's getting to be time for bed, so I think I'll end this and pickup tomorrow night.

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