July 11, 2006

Ok folks, we have moved today to an other Thousand Trails campground.  This time it is in Bay Landing, which is north of Fort Worth, Tx.  Shortly after  we left the campground this morning, we crossed the bridge, crossing Lake Tawakoni.  There are some pictures below.  Shortly after crossing the lake, we found a restaurant named, Big D's.  If you ever get to West Tawakoni, Texas, stop in at this place and get the Bar B Que sandwich.  It is good.  I even tried some food today that I haven't had in years.  After having a bad experience with cooked Okra, I hadn't eaten any for a long time.  Today, I had some Fried Okra.  Breaded, deep fried Okra.  It actually wasn't too bad.  Not the vegetable at the very top of my list, but not at the bottom either.  Sherry got what we thought was mashed potatoes, and when she took a bite, it turned out to be, potato salad.  It looked just like mashed potatoes though.  At the end of the meal, I ordered dessert.  Are you ready?  I ordered Pecan Cobbler.  It was great.  First time I had that, and it was somewhat sweet, but not as bad as some Pecan Pies, and we had ice cream on top.  Gotta have that again sometime.  Wonderful.  Big D's has been in business for about 14 months or so, and the food is good.  If you ever get through there, stop and have lunch.  It's great.  We left there and had a fairly uneventful drive, other than being hot.  The temperature finally hit 100 today.  We arrived at Bay Landing, about 5:30 local time.  After looking around the campground, we backed into one of the couple of sites that actually have shade.  Most of the sites are right out in the open, with a small tree along side, but the one we found, has trees on both sides, and a bunch of overhang, so we should be good to go with shade from the sun tomorrow.  We're supposed to be here for 2 days, so we'll plan on leaving Thursday, and head toward a campground in the very southern end of Oklahoma for a day or two or three.  We'll see how it goes.  Anyhow, that's about it for now.  I did get to post some pictures for tonight.  Enjoy.

Lake Tawakoni to the left.

Lake Tawakoni to the right.

The bridge across Lake Tawakoni.

How's this for an advertisement?

The place where we got the good BarBQ sandwiches.

Does this qaulify as a "redneck yard"?

Lots of small businesses like this around.

In addition to many bail bonds down south, there are many of these as well.

What do ya think?  The aliens have landed?

Sure looks like it.

View from the other direction.

Slightly larger.

Down the street about 150 yards was this house.

How's this for a mailbox post?

Tower at the edge of town.

Yes, this was in Rockwall, Tx.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  It was really cute.

Isn't this enough to just rip your shorts?  Both these carts are less than 10 steps away from a cart storage area.

See, they do have newer modern buildings down here.

I'm not sure what you think, but I would't think there is much of a call to store "windmills".
LOL (laughing out loud)

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