July 12, 2006

Well, here we are in Bay Landing Thousand Trails campground.  One thing I forgot to post last night is the wind that we drove through, yesterday.  Most of the day, there was a crosswind of about 30 mph.  Ordinarily, that would move the Motor Home around a good bit, however with the new airbags, and all 4 properly inflated, we saw very little movement.  Once in a while, when coming from behind a stand of trees or something that was blocking the wind, we would see a little, but all in all, it was a nice drive getting here, even with the wind.  This park is somewhat different than all the other TT parks we've been in.  When we turned off the main road, the ranger station is within 100 yards of the road, with a gate.  After passing through the gate, we had to drive nearly 2 miles to get to the campsites.  We've never seen that before in one of these parks.  Usually, within a couple of hundred yards, there are campsites to get into.  Not here.  Most of the sites here do not have sewer hookups either, which is kind of unusual for TT.  We are in a full hookup site, even though we only hookup to electricity.  That is typical for us.  We use the pump and onboard fresh water tank, instead of hooking the hose up.  This morning we walked over to where the laundry was with a bag of dirty laundry.  We got there, and started the wash, and didn't have enough quarters to run the dryers.  We knew that when we went there, but, figured they would have a change machine.  NOT.  So, we walked out to the ranger station to get some.  Remember, from our site, it's 2 miles to the ranger station.  When we got there, they had 3 bucks worth of quarters, which we got for the dryers, even though we didn't need all of them.  We also learned while there, that we could have gotten quarters in the family center, which was about 200 yards from our site.  Go figure.  We figured we needed the exercise anyhow.  By the time we got back we had our 10,000 steps in today.  Got a little warm down here today, with the thermometer reaching 102 degrees by the thermometer on the outside of the Motor Home, in the shade.  After getting back from the walk this morning, we decided to stay inside the rest of the day.  Ah, air conditioning.  Feels great.  So, that was our biggie for the day.  Sherry is typing her work even as I write this.  It's getting to be close to 9:00 here.  The couple in the next site, have what is called a Toy Hauler 5th wheel.  That is where the living quarters are up front, and the last 8 feet or so of the 5th wheel is kind of like a mini garage.  It is made for hauling motorcycles, golf carts, 4 wheelers, and the like.  They also are fulltimers, since January of this year.  When they leave here, they are heading north to South Dakota, to change their "Domicile" over to that state.  It seems that the truck and trailer registrations are cheaper there, plus there is no state income tax.  This is common for a lot of fulltiming folks.  Many choose Texas for their home state, and some others choose S.D.  There are advantages to both.  When you are not actually going to be living in the state, it really doesn't matter too much.  Might as well choose one with no state income tax.  Well, anyhow, I guess that is about it for tonight.  We are expecting to leave here tomorrow morning, and head for the southern tip of Oklahoma.  Will try to get additional pictures along the route getting there.

Another housing community.  Definately, not the cheapest on the market.

Looks expensive, doesn't it?

Yes, they have Ferrellgas down here.  Notice the real estate sign at the top.  It's all in spanish.

How about this color for a thrift store?

Houses from $130 some thousand up into the millions.

Entrance to a different community.

An actual view off in the distance.  Something you don't get to see much of in this part of the country.

And another view.

This is in the Bay Landing TT park.

This was parked on one of the sites.   Check out the door in the side of this thing!

Here is the other side of the "rv".

Now, pay attention.  The windows on the left, behind the driver, have 2 house air conditioners hanging out the side.

Believe it or not, this is Bay Landing's "Sales Office".

Some wild flowers along our walk this morning.

Little closer shot.

I decided to take a shortcut to the ranger station this morning when we were going for quarters.  So much
for that shortcut.  We turned right, went up over a bank, down the other side, then climbed over a barb wired fence.
Just chalk this up to another memory maker.  No, we did not come this way, on the way back.

Some flowers outside the ranger station.

And another.

After we left the ranger station, we walked about 1/10 of a mile and had to turn right.  This is what greeted
us after we made the turn.  If you look closely, there is a car in the middle of the road, off in the distance.
Usually, pictures don't do it justice, but this is just about what it looked like in real life.  We've got a mile
and a half to walk to get to the end of this road, before we can get to the campsites.

This is typical of the trees that are on this campground.  This is one of the larger ones, and even here, as you can see
don't offer a whole lot of shade.

And another shot of a couple of trees.  This is typical of most of the campground, although most of the trees
are not this large.

And of course, a Class C, Minnie Winnie.  Note the lack of sewer hookup.  There is none in this area.

If you notice, other than the very front and rear of the MH, the rest of it is shaded.  Like I said, these trees
provided the best shade of any site we saw on the grounds, and yes, that is our motor home.

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