July 13, 2006

Well, we moved today.  We are just 5 miles inside the Oklahoma / Texas state line.  A little place called Thackerville, Oklahoma.  Red River Ranch Rv Resort is where we are staying for two days.  The plan is to leave this park on Saturday morning and move to a Thousand Trails Park.  Red River Ranch is not a part of the TT system, but is a part of the Resorts of Distinction system, of which we also have a membership.  The drive here today was a pleasant one, that was only about 65 miles or so from the Bay Landing park.  Needless to say, it didn't take very long.  We stopped in Denton, Tx at a Cracker Barrel, and had some breakfast.  We left there and drove up to Red River.  Part of our drive today was on Interstate 35 north.  When semi's passed us, there was little to no movement of the Motor Home.  Those air bags make such a huge difference in how this thing handles, it still amazes me everytime we get passed.  Anyway, this is a nice little park.  The sites are not as large as we are used to, but, everyone is parked at an angle, so it makes the sites feel larger than they are.  I took a couple of pictures this afternoon, but it was pretty hot, so we shortened our walk.  Maybe tomorrow morning we can get some additional pictures of what's going on here.  Temperature today was 106 in the shade, according to the thermometer on the side of the motorhome.  That's kinda hot.  So, that's a recap of what happened today. 

This is the toy hauler I mentioned yesterday.  They were at Bay Landing and parked in the site
next to us.  The part that is used for hauling "stuff" is from about the last axle, to the rear.  From
that axle front, is living space.  These people are fulltiming in this rig.

Here is his tow vehicle.  A 2500 Dodge, 3/4 ton truck.  I don't know if he's overloaded or not.  Haven't looked at the specs.

The sign at Bay Landing, along the road.

Almost completely missed this shot.  The Motor Home is a converted truck.

Another of the few scenery shots in Texas.  Yes, that is a 1/2 house being towed.

Crossing a river between Texas and Oklahoma was this little rig.

Welcome to Oklahoma.

If you look closely, the awning was apparantly ripped off, so these guys just used a tarp.

How about this for creating a patio along side the rv?

And a shed.

Perhaps a couple of sheds.

And a picnic table, partly made of two halves of a wagon wheel.

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