July 14, 2006

Friday the 14th.  Tomorrow we move again, headed east about 40 miles or so, to a TT park.  We walked around the Red River Ranch campground this morning.  Got a couple of pictures, not many.  Temperature today was a little less than it was yesterday.  Currently it's 9:00 here and the temperature is 87 degrees by the thermometer on the motorhome.  It was partly cloudy this morning for a short while, so maybe that helped keep the temp down a little.  Well, I don't have anything major to report for this evening.  There are a couple of pics below from the campground.  Enjoy.

This is a Mobile Scout travel trailer.  If you look closely, this has the newer shiny fiberglass on it.  I haven't
seen this inside, but it looks fairly nice outside.

How is this for an entrance along side of a 5th wheel.  This is one of the permanent sites here.

Here is an Excel 5th wheel.  this has 2 slides on this side, and 3 on the other side.  Total of 5 slides.
The Excel trailers are a heavy, well built trailer.

This is the travel trailer sitting next to us.  Nothing special.  The guy living in it, is a welder, doing some
special work in the area, and this is their home, at least for now.

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