July 16, 2006

We moved again.  We are now in another Thousand Trails park, in Lake Texoma, Texas.  This is about 20 miles or so east of the Red River park we were just in.  This is a nice park, based by a lake.  Driving around a little hunting for a site, it looks like it's about 75% full.  Most of the sites are full hookup here.  The site we are in, has only water and electric.  We only hook up to electric.  We've found in a lot of parks, the the water and electric sites sometimes are much nicer, and more shaded than the full hookup sites.  Hey, gimme the shade any day.  Anyhow, the site we are in, is a fairly narrow site, and I think we would have a problem getting the 5th wheel into this one, if we had it.  In fact, several of the sites we've been in on this trip have been like that.  We filled up with gas today at a cost of $2.76 a gallon.  That's a little higher than what we've spent on most of the trip, but given what's goin on in the middle east, that probably about as cheap as it's gonna be for a while.  So, we are here until the beginning of the week.  We found a "Vixen" motorhome here today.  The one here is one of the later versions, being made in either 88 or 89.  This one was in very nice shape, and we walked over to it, and talked to the owners for a couple of hours.  Definately worth the time spent.  The only thing that wasn't too great was the size of the bathroom.  Ok for Sherry, not so ok for someone my size.  What else is new?  Anyhow, that's about it for tonight.  Later.

Pay attention, the next few pictures are what Grantville is going to look like soon.

These pics are of a Casino just inside the Oklahoma state line.

Known as the Winstar, there are several buildings connected.

And another shot.

Closer picture.

And another shot.

And the final one.

If you look closely, there are 8 people and a dog here.  There was another person inside the motorhome.  It's not
very large for that number of people.

The welcome sign on I35 headed from Oklahoma going into Texas.

Poor picture, but it really was a nice shack.

Sign inside the Thousand Trails at Lake Texoma.

Someone has their entire life packed up in this vehicle.  At least, it looks like it.

Definately suffered some hail damage.

And on the hood.  The circular looking things are dents from hail.

Little bit of damage on the left front.

The back seat is filled with clothing.

And the passangers side is filled with clothing.  Just enough space for a driver.  No stealth sleeping in this one.
There's just no place to sleep, other than upright in the drivers seat.

This guy brought his telescope, and plans on viewing the stars tonight.  He's got some serious bucks in
a telescope of this size.

Winnebago's small motorhome named the View.  These are supposed to get between 18 and 22 mgp
of fuel.  It's a diesel, if I remember, made by Mercedes.

Another view of the Winnebago View.

Nice little car being towed by the View above.

The emblem on the car above.

Backed into the site for this stay.

Another shot from a different angle.

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