July 16, 2006

Sunday, and it's hot down here.  No rain again.  Official high temp today at Dallas was something like 103.  The temp on the side of the motorhome said 106 or 107 in the shade.  Even with low humidity, it's still hot.  We are sitting at the back of Camping World in Denton, Tx.  This is the place that installed our air conditioner on the 1st.  We are having a different one installed tomorrow, Monday morning.  The way this Duo-Therm is made, it doesn't seem to cool the coach like the old one did.  The old one was a Coleman.  I looked at the new Coleman air conditioners and they seem like they may cool better.  The air flow seems much better on the Coleman's, so we are having the Duo-Therm switched out for a Coleman.  Hopefully, that one will do a little better job.  During the day, if we're not in the shade, it can get really warm inside the coach, so we'll have to give it a shot.  All I have to pay is for an installation.  The actual cost of the air conditioner is the same, so there is no charge for that.  When I talked to the Service Manager, I asked him if we could park in the parking lot overnight, and he said yes. He also said to ask the manager on duty, and they would pull out an 30 amp electric connection, and we could plug into that, instead of running the generator to run the air conditioner.  So, we are plugged into Camping Worlds electric under an awning out back staying cool.  Hey, how much better can it get?  Anyway, there are a couple of pictures below that we took in the campground today.  I completely forgot to get some pictures of the "Vixen" motor home yesterday, so I took several this morning.  They were built to be able to fit inside a standard garage door, so they are not very large.  I think they are something like 22 feet long.  So, that is the latest update from Texas.  Enjoy the few pictures that we took.

Here are a couple of pictures of the "Vixen" rv that was made back in the 80's.  This one has a V-6 rear engine and
gets about 18 mpg or so on the road, depending on how it's driven.

Another shot.

Front view.

Right side shot.

This was one of the holes on the miniature golf course at Lake Texoma.

And someone has these little "welcomers" on display.

Cute little things aren't they?

Almost cute enough to want one, but we resisted.

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