July 17, 2006

No pictures tonight.  We got our air conditioner replaced this morning.  WOW, what a difference.  That Duo-Therm wouldn't cool anything like this Coleman.  The original was a Coleman, and what we have now is also, and does a nice job.  It blows much more air than the Duo-Therm did.  So much for all 13,500 btu air conditioners being the same.  The mechanic that changed the unit, is the same one that installed it on July 1st, and I talked to him a little today.  He told me that the 13,500 btu Coleman will cool better than a 15,000 btu Duo-Therm.  If that model works like the one we just had, I believe it.  The difference is just like night and day.  Anyhow, after getting that changed out this morning, we went to the grocery store and picked up a couple of items before heading back to Thousand Trails at Lake Texoma.  Tomorrow is moving day again.  Haven't decided exactly which direction we are heading in yet.  We'll figure that out in the morning.  So, we are down to 2 weeks, in order to be home by the 1st of August.  Well, I guess that is about all for tonight.  Maybe we can get some pictures on our travels tomorrow.

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