July 18, 2006

Tuesday, the 18th.  We got under way today heading out of Texas.  We decided to go north into Oklahoma.  We followed route 377 until it intersected with route 32 which runs east and west, so we headed east.  Followed that until we got onto route 69 north.  That brought us up to I 40, which is east of Oklahoma City, and then we headed east again.  We are currently just outside of a small town call Ozark, Arkansas.  This is about 30 miles or so inside the Oklahoma - Arkansas state line.  I think we are about 130 miles or so west of Little Rock.  We are parked in an Army Corpse of Engineers park tonight.  This is the first time we have used any of these anywhere, and I must say it is really nice.  The road through the park is paved, all of the campsites are level, and paved also, every other site has a 33 gallon garbage can, they all have 30 amp electric and water.  Many of the rv parks we have been in haven't been this nice.  All that for $17 a night.  They have hot showers, a dump station, there is a boat launching area, and we are nest to a river.  All in all it is a nice park.  We shall be leaving here tomorrow morning and heading further east, perhaps as far as Tennessee.  We'll see how the driving goes tomorrow, and whether or not we see anything interesting along the way.  Our cell phone connection has a good signal strength, but when trying to make a call, I kept getting a message saying "all circuits are busy, please try again later".  Go figure.  Anyhow I have some pictures posted tonight, most of them being in Oklahoma.

I thought that the paint job on this truck was worthy of a picture.

Crossing the river between Texas and Oklahoma along route 377.

And again, a little larger.

This is a different lake in Ok than what we were on earlier.

More water to the right.

And to the left.

Just a picture out the window of a farm and some landscape in OK.

Home Sweet Home, literally.  Note the satellite dish on the back of the motorhome.

Another shot from a different angle.  See the air conditioner hanging out what used to be
a back window.  There is a Bar B Que on the right, and also a large brown propane tank.
Like I said, this is someones home.

And one final shot of the "home".

Heading north on route 69 in Ok.

Notice the houses built on the side of the mountain.

Haven't seen a view like this for quite a while.  Kind of rolling hills in Ok.

And another pic.

Another rolling hill on route 69.

That is a lake on the upper left.

Time to irrigate the corn.

And here is the Arkansas state line.

How about the paint job on this vintage unit?

Mountains in the background in western Arkansas.

Here they show up a little better.

Anybody wanna buy a house?

This is a view through the front window of the motor home, and yes that is a barge heading upriver.

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