July 19, 2006

We moved again today.  Tonight we are located in Tennessee, about 15 miles or so east of a little town called Grand Junction, and maybe about 50 miles or so east of Memphis.  We are in a Thousand Trails park again.  This one is known as Cherokee Landing.  We were planning on staying 2 days here, but that is not going to happen.  After getting into the park, we discovered we have no Sprint service here, and since Sprint is providing our Internet Access, we will have to leave in the morning.  I will be updating this website tonight using my cell phone, but while that will work for the website, it will not work for Sherry's work.  It's way too slow for that.  So, I will get the pictures uploaded and so forth but that's gonna be about it.  We left Ozark, Arkansas this morning, and drove east on route 64 for quite a ways, then just west of Little Rock, we got back on I40, and headed toward Tennessee.  We ran into a traffic jam towards the eastern end of of Arkansas, where there was road work, and I saw a bunch of trucks get off at an exit, and by the time it dawned on me what they were doing, we were already past the exit.  We drove a short distance, and came to a halt just a few feet before an on ramp, for people to get onto I40.  So, being the resorceful person that I am, (ha ha), I pulled onto the on ramp and backed up the on ramp, and proceeded to take the service road next to I40 while both lanes of traffic were at a complete standstill on I40.  At the next intersection, I was able to get back onto I40 and completely miss the stopped traffic.  I'm not sure what an officer of the law might think of that manuever, but it worked for us.  We got through Memphis about 3:30 local time, just before the rush hour traffic started, so we were pleased with that.  After getting through Memphis, we stopped at a small stand selling fruit along the side of the road, and ate supper.  Sherry checked for her work, and it was there, so we downloaded that while we were eating.  It didn't take long, because we were in a broadband area.  After eating, we bought a watermellon, and headed for Cherokee Landing.  So, that's where we are now, for tonight.  Tomorrow we will move again, and hopefully, where we stop, there will be internet access.  I guess that's about it for tonight.

Some Geese at the Army Corpse of Engineers Park that we stayed at on Tuesday night.

Another view from the park.  This is a boat ramp, with a bridge in the background, crossing the Arkansas River.

A nice house on the outskirts of Ozark, Arkansas.

How in the world do they come up with these names?

Nothing special, just some landscape of farmland along I40 east of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Another view of I40 on the eastern end of Arkansas.

Getting ready to enter Tennessee on I40.

Part of the skyline along Memphis, Tennessee.

The bridge across the Mississippi River.

And no, I'm not sure what the building on the left is.

Right in the middle of the bridge, Welcome to Tennessee.

Memphis, "Home of the Blues", "Birthplace of Rock and Roll".

How's that for public transportation hanging overhead?

Do you recognize the back of this person?

Yes, it's Elvis, front and back, and you're not allowed to touch it, or an alarm goes off.  No, I didn't try it.

Don't forget B.B. King.

Egg outside of the Tennessee Welcoming Center.  Memphis, "Home of the Blues", "Birthplace of Rock and Roll".

How many of you knew this?

Part of our route heading for Cherokee Landing, took us back into the northern section of Mississippi.

Route 72 in northern Miss.

How's this for a nice little place with fencing around it?

And back into Tennessee.

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