July 22, 2006

Two pages of pictures tonight.  We left Chattanooga, Tennessee this morning, and headed north east.  Followed route 11 for a while, then 411, then I 40 east, then 64 east.  We crossed into North Carolina on I 40 headed east this evening, and are currently in a Thousand Trails park in Advance, North Carolina.  It was cool today through most of our travels.  (That is if you call 81 degrees cool).  Compared to the what most of the country has been experiencing lately, that is cool.  Driving was nice and comfortable, there is a picture posted, later of the thermometer.  We came through the eastern mountains of Tennessee, towards the town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, which is just north of Gatlinburg,  and then the western mountains of North Carolina.  All in all it was a nice drive.  After getting into the campground after dark, (note to self: don't enter a campground after dark for the first time), I leveled the Motor Home, and we came back inside, and within about 5 minutes, it started raining.  Then came the thunder and lightening, more rain, and more rain.  We got here about 9:30 tonight, and it is now 12:15, and it is still raining.  Part of the time it was hard, other times, not so hard.  Now it is raining gently, so maybe we will be listening to rain while we try to get to sleep.  So, that is about it for tonight, remember, there are 2 pages of pictures tonight, so when you get to the bottom of this page, click on the page 2 link, and view the rest of the pics.

If you look closely, there is about a foot between the awning of the trailer on the right, and the side of
the trailer on the left.  This was unusual, most sites are not this close.

View out of the windshield of Motor Home just before leaving campground this morning.

Another shot just left of the previous picture.

Pic number 3 just left of the prior one.

Pic 4 just left of pic 3.

Leaving the Raccoon Mountain Campground.

Heading towards Chattanooga, Tn.

Yes, we did fill up.

Airplane on a stand outside a VFW.

And again.

How about this for a shack?

View of eastern Tenn. mountains.

And again.

And again.

Fudge, anyone?

If you look closely, there are a bunch of houses half way up the mountain.

Tour bus.

And again.

Tourist trap, known as Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  Look closely, and you will see a go-cart coming down
a wooden ramp just above the cars, and below the traffic lights on the left.

Gatlinburg is just south of Pigeon Forge, and there is a lot of traffic heading south.

And more traffic.

And even more.  This is not my idea of the perfect vacation.  Obviously, others disagree.

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