July 24, 2006

We've moved again today.  We are currently in another Thousand Trails park, just south of Lynchburg, Va.  We may stay here for a couple of days, we're not sure yet.  This is a nice park, with almost all of the sites fully shaded.  We drove mostly two lane roads today getting here, although we did spend a little time on I 77.  We then drove up route 221, which runs parallel with I 81, but a bit east of there.  It actually is closer to the Blue Ridge Parkway, but it runs generally north and south.  After getting into Roanoke, we filled up with gas at $2.75 a gallon, then headed east towards Lynchburg. We had to drive around the park a little bit to find a good spot for an internet connection.  It's amazing, but different areas of the park, either had very little or very good signal strength, depending on where we were inside the park.  So, after finding a good spot, we backed in, and didn't even have to level the rig.  It was level, just by backing in.  Hooked up the electric, and put out the steps, and we were done.  Anybody who has ever driven in south Va, knows that there are plenty of mountains, and plenty of scenery.  There's nothing like pulling off the road in the middle of the afternoon, and having lunch enjoying the scenery.  Anyhow, I am posting some additional pictures of the museum we were in on Friday, so have a look.  There are 3 pages of pictutes tonight, so, when you get to the bottom, just click on the link to the next page, and enjoy those as well.

I have no idea what the 2 levers on the steering wheel are for.

Wrecker service $2.00, Radiator Core $8.00, Radiator Shell $4.50, and the list goes on.

This is a quilt.

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