July 26, 2006

We've moved again.  This time we are in a Thousand Trails park located just to the east of Richmond, Va.  This one is known as the Chesapeake Bay preserve.  I must say, this is a very nice park.  This is the most level park we have been in.  Very little leveling is needed on most of the sites.  Plus, it's right along a river, with a boat launch, so for those who enjoy boating and fishing, this is the place.  Some of the sites are fully shaded, and others are almost out in the open.  The site we are in, is so shaded, that when we backed in at mid afternoon, we had to turn the lights on inside the motor home, because it was too dark to see properly.  Cool, huh?  Hey, they're paying for the electric.  Anyhow, like I said, this is a nice park.  The drive from Lynchburg to here, was uneventfull, but a typical scenic southern Va. drive.   Even coming around Richmond, getting on route 95 and then 295 wasn't bad, because it was early afternoon, and traffic wasn't heavy at all.  So, we are here for a couple of days, then we'll move on.  Some of the pictures posted tonight are a couple of days old.  The last few are from today, but the first few are about 2 days old.  Anyhow, that should do it for today.  It's getting to be bedtime shortly.  Hope you enjoy the pics.

How's this for a mushroom?

The welcome sign inside the Forest Lake Preserve.

How about those Flamingo's, electric Palm Trees, and signs?

This was a couple of days ago, headed from North Carolina to Virginia.

Poor picture, but if you look close, you can see the mountains in the distance, and in the foreground the valley below.
  We were a couple of thousand feet in the air when this was taken, at the southern end of Virginia.

Also at the southern end of Va.

A scenery shot in southern Va,

This is one way to control how fast the traffic goes through a road contruction area.  The sign says "Pilot Car, Follow Me".

More scenery in southern Va.

This was inside the family center at the Lynchburg, Va campground.

Typical country home in southern Va.

Then again, this was just down the road a few miles.

More scenery.  This was taken on the way towards the Richmond area.

Bridge over the James River, near Richmond, Va, along route 295.

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