July 2, 2006

Well, we have nothing exciting to report today, unlike yesterday.  We started the morning off by sleeping in late, trying to catch up from not having a decent night's sleep the night before.  We took a short walk today, in anticipation of having a walk later in the day, which never materialized.  We had a short shower early this evening, when a thunderstorm came through.  Lasted all of about 10 minutes or so.  About the time it got dark around here, they set off a bunch of fireworks, some of which we could vagely see from the motor home.  Somehow, we just never got moving today.  Here it is, close to 11:00, and there's no doubt, we aren't getting a walk in today.  Anyhow, there are some pictures from when we were out on Friday, driving around Greenville.  Nothing spectacular.

Here's a home made flag pole that is used in the campground.  Actually,
there are a bunch of these here.  A metal stake is driven into the ground,
and then this pvc pipe is put over top of the stake.  That allows them to
pivot freely with the wind, and yet not move.

There were a bunch of kids here last week, staying in tents, and having a blast.

This was in an Antique shop in Greenville.  It's a little doll standing next to a bed, acting like she's crying.

This is the front and inside of a card found in a little store in Greenville.

Couple of old buildings in the poorer side of town.

And another.  This one is actually in use.

The Welcome to Greenville sign.

This is on the other side of town.

New apt. houses for rent.

And some more.

Looks like a fairly new hospital in Greenville.

Found this in a chocolate store.

And this.

And this.

This is the chocolate store, just outside of Greenville.

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