June 1, 2006

Was an interesting day today.  We decided to take a day trip.  We left here and headed east to a cheese making plant.  We thought we might take a tour, but when we got there, tours were by appointment only, and were only Tuesday thru Thursday at 10:00 am.  So, we bought a little cheese, some cow cheese, some goat cheese.  Left there and headed east to Cleveland, Tx and was looking for a thrift shop that Sherry found.  We arrived a little after lunch time, so we had a cheapie meal at the Golden Arches.  I had a Hot and Spicy Chicken sandwich.  They were not kidding about being hot.  A soda and a half later, my mouth started to return to normal.  Asked for directions to the thrift store, and away we went.  Found the store, and upon entering, an elderly woman was putting away clothing on some shelves, and we began talking.  Found out she was from Ca., and had moved to Texas, and she commented about June, 1 being the beginning of Hurricane Season.  Back in Pa, we don't pay much attention to that, but down here, and in areas along the Gulf Coast, it is serious business.  Especially after the couple of Hurricanes last year.  We talked a few minutes, and she was kind of worried for the season this year, since she had to evacuate last year when Hurricane Rita was coming.  She said living through that experience, changed her priorities in a hurry, and she was not looking forward to this Hurricane season.  Oh, well, we both came to the conclusion that the vast majority of it is just "stuff", and actually isn't that big of a deal.  About this time it began to rain, and rained for several hours during the afternoon.  We left there and headed home, taking a couple of side detours on back roads, winding up driving past some Expensive Homes.  Probably some of the people that were shopping yesterday at Woodland Mall.  There was some big bucks in some of the houses we saw today.  Could not get pictures of them, primarily because it was a very wooded area and with traffic behind us, we had no place to pull over and snap some photos.  Maybe some other time.  While on the way back from Cleveland this afternoon, we had one of those "priceless" moments, when Sherry discovered that, this junky looking mobile home, was not abandoned, and was acutally in use, with a light on inside and out.  The look on her face and the sound of her voice was just a priceless moment.  There are a couple of pictures below of it.  Anyhow, below are the pictures we took today during our outing.  Hope you enjoy them.

Another one of those washateria's (laundromat)

This was in the town of Cleveland.

Car for sale along route 105 east of Conroe.

Yup, it's in use.

Note the upstairs windows.  Especially the 2 center ones, full of duct tape.

View next to the above house.

Part of the buildings of the above property.

A couple of rv's parked in the rv campground, also pictured below.

An rv park along route 105, east of Conroe.

Yes, someone actually lives here.  Note the 3 mailboxes on the left.

Note the air conditioner hanging out the side window a bus parked in someones driveway.

Back end of the bus, and view of the house it was parked next to.

Yard sale items, maybe?

One of the many "sights" we saw on our day trip.

Larger view of the above.

The trailer mentioned above.  Note the tv dish on the pole in the center.  Gotta have your priorities.

The overall general view of a couple of trailers.

Note the "stuff" inside the window with the light on.  At first glance it definately looked abandoned.  The we saw the lights.

When was the last time you saw a speed limit sign like this?

Texas Longhorns, must be documented on first view.

Of course, there is higher end  housing available.

A Lighthouse at the entrance to a gated community next to Lake Conroe.

4 ducks right outside of our Motor Home.

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