June 2, 2006

Kind of took the day off today.  We just loafed around the campground.  We did walk up to the little store that is in the campground, and bought an outside patio mat for the motor home.  The mat helps to keep dirt from entering the rv and provide a place to sit on with the chairs outside, as well as have a clean place to cook on, or sit a table on.  When we picked out the mat, and went to pay for it, the cashier said, "by the way, these are on sale, I just didn't get the new price up yet".  Hey, works for us.  Every little bit helps.  That's something we have been wanting to buy for a long time, and just never did.  We finally broke down and did it.  Temps today started creeping back up.  Highs today were in the upper 80's.  If you're in the shade, maybe with a slight breeze moving, it's not too bad.  If you're in the full sun, it's kind of hot.  So, nothing too much to report today.  We plan on heading about 10 miles east of Conroe tomorrow, to a flea market.  Hopefully, I can get some pictures both at the flea market, and along the way.  There were a few I took yesterday, that didn't come out because of the rain, so maybe I can get some better ones tomorrow.  Well, I guess that's it for tonight.  There are a few pictures of some other rv's in the campground here.  Hope you enjoy them.

Endeaver by Holiday Rambler.  They never impressed me too much.  Apparently someone likes them.

Kountry Star 5th wheel.

This thing was in nice shape, even though there was no slides, it was about 40' long.

Here's an older Safari.  No slides on this one.  Does have a satellite dish though.

Sportsman 5th wheel.  All set up for outside cooking, and eating.  Definately a couple of kids here.  That
is probably why they have the crew cab pickup.

And don't forget the Winnebago's.  If you look at the front of the slide, there is a map of the U.S.  They sell
these things, and when you rv in a different state, you place a colored sticker on the map, so people can
see in which states you have been.  I'll have to try to get a better picture of one of these.

Another nice motor home, with a PT Cruiser as a toad.

Definately a nice motor home.  Looks like a Sun Cruiser by Itasca, which is made by Winnebago.  Notice the satellite
dish on top, and they still are using the tv antenna.

Airstream travel trailer.

You never know what will be parked beside you.  Here is an airstream trailer, and a nice motor home.

Cross Country, believe they are made by country coach.  Not cheap rigs.

You never know what people will tow with their motorhome.  This guy's towing a pickup truck, although
it is a small one.  Also, has his tv satellite dish weighted down with a gallon jug full of water.

If you look closely at this pickup, there is an extra fuel tank in the front of the bed, the neck is sticking up on the  left
side, and then behind the 5th wheel, is a toolbox.  He gets to use quite a bit of the pickup bed, but not all.

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