June 3, 2006

Well, things heated up a little bit today.  High temp was right around 90, sunny, very warm degrees.  In the shade wasn't too bad, but in the sun was hot.  We went to a flea market this morning, and believe you me, I have never seen a bigger collection of junque in one place than here.  I have posted a bunch of pictures taken while we were there, and have more to post, but I am only posting about 23 or so tonight.  I may post more tomorrow morning, so you may want to check the website late tomorrow morning or early afternoon, to view more.  I will put a link to page 2 at the bottom of this page after I get them posted.  We took some other pictures of the surrounding area, only a couple of which are posted below.  Those pics will be some that I will post tomorrow.  Looking at the surrounding area east of Conroe, is totally different than west of Conroe.  The western side is modern, with plenty of newer businesses, homes, and a general prosperous look, while the eastern side looks like it has been around for a while, and definately does not have the money put into it, that the west side does.  Definately a class difference between the east and west.  We drove about 25 miles west of Conroe today, and then headed south for about 20 miles or so, before turning around and coming back.  Driving west the scenery changed to a more plains type of landscape, with ranches, cattle grazing, and kind of what you would expect to see in Texas.  Anyhow, it's getting late, and it's about time for bed, so, I will finish here, and try to post some of the other pictures tomorrow morning sometime.

How's that for the price of a new home?  Although it doesn't say, I'm guessing this is for a mobile home.

Not sure exactly what to make of the airport sign.

And of course, the antique Chevy.  Although the front bumper is missing, it's not all rusted out.  This is Texas after all.

Yes, there is a town call Cut & Shoot.  I'll bet the naming of this town was interesting.

How about an Itasca motor home for sale.

Here is the start of our junque tour.  Note that this stuff is all outside.

And here is more of it.

And another.

This stuff was just piled junk on top of junk.

There is supposed to be a path through here.

And this was it.  Just walk on the electric cords and keep moving.

There was a bright spot.  A Model A Ford for Sale.

It actually is in nice shape.  I have no idea what these are worth, but there was no rust anywhere, and the
interior was in nice shape.

Here's a view of the right side.  Like I said.  It really was in nice shape.

This was by the entrance.  No, I have no idea what it is.  Maybe an antique baler?

And a partially complete tractor.

How about a box of 8 track tapes?

This was a beat up dresser.  They wanted $125.00 for this one, mirror included.

Another building, with even more "stuff".

And more.

And more.

This was a nice picture of someone golfing along the seashore.

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