June 4, 2006

Well, I guess you've seen that I did not get my other pictures posted earlier today.  I am not happy with the way my computer is working, so, I was fiddling around with it, and then we decided to re-arrange the motor home again.  So, by then it was 3:00 pm. or so, and I just said, to heck with it, we're going for a drive, which we did.  Heading west of here, Conroe, gets one into a part of Texas known as the "Prarie" area of the state.  It kind of shows, there are fewer trees, ranches started to appear, cattle grazing in the fields, and so forth.  We went north of here to a town called Huntsville, and then headed west for a while, turned south and came back to Conroe on route 105.  We got into a small town today called, Navasota.  Wow, talk about difference of one end of the town to the other.  The one end was very poor, showing in the quality of the houses, junk sitting around in the yards, trash strewn about, and on the other end, some nice modern houses, everything, neat as a pin, also some of the older southern type 2 story homes, well kept, painted nicely and so forth.  All it took was heading in a different direction for about 3 blocks.  In between the two was some businesses, buildings that looked like they were 150 years or so old, of mostly stone and concrete and so forth.  High temps today were in the low 90's.  I have a a few pictures from today, that I will not get posted tonight, since I haven't posted all of the pictures from yesterday yet.  So the pictures that are on this page, are actually from yesterday.  The majority of them are from the flea market we were at east of Conroe.  Hope you enjoy them.

This was towards the back of the flea market, and I think that the Silver Streak trailer on the left is in use.

Slightly larger picture, the windows appeared to be open, the tv antena up, and a pet porter sitting next to the door,
which has the steps out.  Hey, not everyone full times in a high end rig.

This was a general overview of the back end of the flea market.  In the very center is the pile of mattresses
that was pictured yesterday.

There is a pile of doors of some type here.  It may have been an insulated cooler or something.

Most of the stuff was either inside buildings, or on the porch of them.  It looks like it would have been a cute
mock up of an old west town when it was originally done.  Obviously, the state of repair could use some attention.

Here is another portion of "town" that was on display.

And this one, also.

This was another set of buildings, and the Silver Streak trailer in the background on the right.

This one was just slightly left of the last picture.

Here is an old drill press, sitting at the entrance to the flea market.

Of course, this is the sign that you see from road, letting you know what's here.

Even got a computer repair shop here.

When was the last time you saw one of the 33 1/3 records around.

Here's the rates this computer guy charges here.

And another set of small shops.  That's the car we rented from Enterprise.  They actually do pick you up.

This isn't a very good shot, but, it is another view of a couple of shops in the background.

There is a mid 50's Chevy pickup in the center.

Larger view of the pickup.  Look like about a 57 or so.

Down the road a little ways from the flea market, is another "yard sale".

And more of this  next door.  It looks like this stays out all the time.

Kind of attractive front yard don't you think?

Here's a little gift shop along route 105 east of Conroe a few miles.

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