June 5, 2006

No pics tonight.  Still struggling with this computer.  It's running enough to post this, but my pictures are on another hard drive, and for some reason, I am having trouble accessing that drive, so, it's just an explanation tonight.  We took the rental car back today.  On the way we picked up a couple of groceries at the 99cent only store.  We then returned the rental car to Enterprise, and they brought us back to the campground, where we hung around the rest of the day.  We took a nice walk tonight for some exercise, and talked to George O. on the phone.  Good hearing his voice again.  Sounds like the weather in California is somewhat more palatable than in south Texas.  I realized today that it is now a month since we left home.  Man, how time flies when you are having fun.  Seems like a couple of days ago.  Weather today was in the low 90's, although the humidity is lower than it is at home.   On our walk tonight, in was in the mid to upper 80's, but it actually felt like maybe the  70's back home.  So, we are just trying to stay cool, and take it easy.  I guess that's it for tonight.  One of these days, I will either fix this thing, or replace it.  Later.

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