June 6, 2006

Ok, here we are, still in Conroe, Tx.  We extended our stay until Thursday.  On Thursday, we plan to head west to Columbia, Tx which is only about 2 hours from here.  We will probably stay there the weekend and then head north.  High temps today were in the mid 90's but the humidity doesn't seem as high as we're used to, so it doesn't seem as bad.  When in the shade with a breeze moving, it feels somewhat warm, but not totally uncomfortable.  Tonight I posted some pictures that we took on Saturday and Sunday, since I didn't get them all posted the last couple of days.  Today there are 2 pages of pictures instead of just 1.  When you get to the bottom of the page, click on the link for page 2 of them.  The first few were taken on Saturday, and were taken east of Conroe.  It becomes very evident that the later pictures were taken in a more affluent area of Texas.  Anyhow, I have more to post, but some will be posted tomorrow night as well.  Enjoy them.

Many of these Bar B Q stands around.  Most were built on trailers.

How about a bright pink drive through ice cone stand?

How about this, the Post Office on one side, and a Hair and Nail Salon in the other side of the building.

Not sure what they used this light purple trailer for.  May have been for some small food vendor.

Cowboy Joe's produce stand.  Plenty of good food here.

Cut and Shoot Auto Repair.

Looks like an old Ford parked in front of a Market.  Definately not the local Wal Mart.

This is on the east side of Conroe, and was a repair shop.  Nice looking boat though.

Believe it or not, this was actually on the west side of Conroe.  This was headed towards Lake Conroe.

How about an advertisement for a Bar-B-Q sandwich?

This was south west of Conroe, outside a town call Montgomery.  Just lookin at the entrance tells a lot.

Looking at one of the entrances to one of these houses.  Not living on $20,000 a year here.

All of this and they are build on a concrete slab.

3 car garage and all.

This is the house next door.

And another entrance.

What a house.

Entrance to the house above.

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