June 7, 2006

Guess we'll be moving tomorrow sometime.  Took a couple of walks today for some exercise.  Gave Sherry a haircut.  The length  was kinda getting on her nerves.  High temps today were mid to upper 90's.  Still didn't feel as hot as it does back home when the humidity is so high.  I have posted some more pictures that were taken on Sunday during our drive.  These were taken west and south of Conroe.  We had driven west and south toa little town called Montgomery, and these pictures were taken on our way back from there.  There are also 2 pages of pictures, although the 2nd page only has a few.  The link for the second page is at the bottom of this page.  Later.

Stuff for sale here.

Little bit of this and that sitting around.  Yes, there are a couple of mobile homes in the background.

Not a high end property.

Small rv park.  Basically a straight row of rv parking available.

Rv park just off the road.

Closer shot of the above rv park.

Entrance to the above rv park.

Now renting rv parking.

Looks like this guy has been here for a while.

I tried to get the goofy character at the far right and just about missed it.

If the entrance gate looks like this, what does the rest of the  place look like inside?

Population 275.

How about that purple?  Wow.

And another shot - and yes, they are open.

Roadside Liquor store.

Another roadside Bar B Q.

Definately in use, the grass has been mowed.

Picture of Lake Conroe, just west of Conroe along route 105.  Plenty of lake front homes here, including condos.

Larger picture of the Lake picture above.

How about a McDonalds selling gas?  This is along route 105 west of Conroe along the Lake.  This is actually a McDonalds
with a Chevron Gas station right in front of it.

This is an ad for Golds Gym.  I guess getting in shape would cause this as an end result.

In case you missed the one above, this is a larger version.

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