June 8, 2006

Well, we've moved.  We are currently just outside of Columbus, Tx, which is not quite half way between Houston and San Antonio.  Yes, we are in another Thousand Trails park.  I am not going to say anymore about this tonight,  I will save that for tomorrow, and will post the pictures we took today, tomorrow.  The pictures posted below are from Lake Conroe Thousand Trails.  It is currently just a little after 10:00 pm. local time, and our outdoor thermometer reads 81 degrees.  Highs today were in the mid to upper 90's.  This was a 120 mile trip, and about 2 hours driving time, if you take the fastest and shortest way, which of course we did not.  So, it took us a little longer, and we went a little further.   Then again the scenery was much better.  Ya just gotta love those 2 lane roads.  Anyhow, most of the pics posted below are of a special "extended stay" area inside Lake Conroe Thousand Trails campground.  From what information we got, these sites are rented on a yearly basis, but the occupants are only allowed to stay there 220 days per year.  The other 145 days, they must spend somewhere else.  The first 4 pics or so were taken on Sunday on the way back from our little trek around the area.  Hope you enjoy them.

This was at the entrance to a "Ranch".  Some of the entrances are really elaborate, and others are kind of plain.

Here's another picture of the McDonalds that also sells gas, and has a convenience store inside, that I originally
posted a day or two ago.

I guess this guy is trying to be friendly.

Conroe, Tx. Population 36,811, just in case you were wondering.  Lebanon, Pa. has 23, 925 in
2004.  Harrisburg, Pa. has 47,635 just as a comparison.

This was just another 5th wheel in the campground.  This was not in the "extended stay" area.  I thought this
was a good idea.  The guy built some steps and a landing out of wood, bolted the whole thing to the original
5th wheel steps and it gives them 4 steps instead of 3 and a landing at the top.  I may have to come up with
something like that for ours.

This and the rest of the pictures below are all in the "extended stay" area.  This is a nice looking 5th
wheel made by Carriage, in Indiana, I think.

Somebody brought in a Park Model, with skirting, residential air conditioner on the side and small shed out back.

Whoever rents this site, is obviously away with their rv.

Many, but not all of these sites have golf carts that they use to get around the park.

Another Park Model on a concrete slab.

Another 5th wheel, with awnings out, golf cart at the ready, all on a concrete slab.

Mobile Suites are one of the better, but not best, 5th wheels.

Another Mobile Suites 5th wheel, on the left, directly across from the previous one, and a Park Model beside it.

Here's the Mobile Suites again.

And a close shot of the Park Model.  Notice the Motorcycle and the little red trailer for it.  The antenna on
the roof is not for tv, but for Internet access.

Here's a Terry Quantum, made by Fleetwood.  This is one of the lower end 5th wheels on the market, but not the cheapest.

And here is another one directly across from the previous one.

Not sure what brand this one is.

Another Park Model with skirting, residential air conditioner, 2 golf carts, etc.

And of course, a class C Motor Home.  And again, another golf cart.

Another Park Model, skirted and all.

An empty site, with a 5th wheel in the  next site.  All of these sites, in case you didn't notice have concrete pads.

And yet another Park Model, and another golf cart.

And another Park Model.  Obviously, these people don't intend to move these things.

Or this one.  Notice the screened in room out back.

And one more 5th wheel, complete with golf carts.

Nice Kountry Star Motor Home.

And the last rig in the "extended stay" area.Notice the gas grill under the 5th wheel area.

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