June 9, 2006

Friday night in Columbus, Tx.  We plan to stay here until Tuesday.  High temp today was about 96 degrees in the shade.  Not sure what the humidity was, but I'm guessing less than 50%.  Being in the shade makes a huge difference in how it feels when outside.  If there is any kind of breeze moving, or if you take a fan outside to blow over you, that helps to lessen the heat feeling.  The pictures posted tonight were taken on the way from Conroe to here.  I have other pictures to post, but I will wait until tomorrow to do so.  Can't post them all in one night.

This was on one end of the town of Navasota.  Obviously, this was an old, large, home.
Definately not owned by a poor person.

And this was on the other end of town.  It kind of speaks for itself.

A small rv park  just outside of Navasota.

This was in the small town of Brenham, Tx.  There were a bunch of these small
homes, but well kept.

Another small nice home in Brenham.

And another.

This was driving down one of the main streets in town.

Did you happen to notice the head in parking?

And here also.

This was an attorney's office.

Another old, large home in Brenham.

Most of the town was like this, at least the parts we went through.  Notice there is no basement.

And a small shop in one of the houses.

Some landscape along the way.  This is kind of what we expected to see in Texas.

And another shot of landscape, with a small house on the right side.

How about a house like this?  Yes, it really is as big as it looks.

This is a horse ranch, and it's for sale.  It goes with the house above.

Here was a nice little farmhouse along the way towards Columbus.

We stopped at a little store out in the middle of nowhere.  They had the old, stove irons for sale.

Thought this was kind of cute.

Anybody for a Tortilla Press?  This is Texas, ya know.

To put this into perspective, the wire mesh dipper is 8 inches in diameter.  The wok was about 30 inches.

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