June 10, 2006

We are here in Columbus, Tx., in the Colorado River Thousand Trails campground.  High temp today was about 95 degrees, and while here I decided to check on Accuweather's website and found out that the humidity was a whole 37%.  That's right, 37% humidity.  So that means that at 95 degrees, to us it felt like about 85 degrees back home.  We were sitting outside under the awning today, and there was a little breeze going, so it didn't feel very hot.  When we came in for lunch, about 2:30 or so, I looked at our thermometer, and it said about 95.  We were both kind of surprised, because it didn't feel like that.  We had a bunch of people come in today, and there is a crew across from us and down the row a few spots having a get together.  Must have been about 40 people there.  They weren't loud or anything, just having an outing.  The first couple of pictures below were taken on Thursday on the way here from Conroe, and then the rest were taken when we got into the campground.  Most of the campground pics have deer in them.  I have never seen this many deer in one place at one time.  A couple of the people around here have fed them corn, so the deer are not totally afraid of people.  You can walk within about 30 feet of them, before they decide to move away from humans.  Anyhow, enjoy the pics.

Here were some Herefords on a ranch on our way to Columbus, Tx.

This was taken in Columbus, Tx.  It's a little hard to see, but there are a couple of people sitting
in the chairs behind this house.

And this was the front view of the house in the picture above.

This was on the outskirts of Columbus, Tx.

And another.  This one was well kept and taken care of.

This one, was not so taken care of.  Some junk out around the garage.  The house on the left
was taken care of better than the one on the right.

Another nice house on the outskirts.

Coming in to the campground.  There are 4 deer in this picture.

Here are two of them.

Three more in the foreground, and another in the background.

How's that for a close encounter.  Five pictured here.

And a larger version.

The one on the right is a buck in velvet.

These deer were in the midst of the campground.  There are  about 8 or 10 here.

Little bit closer.  The deer are looking at one of the guys to the left of the picture that
is about ready to feed them.

They're headed for the corn.

Bad picture, but there are deer in there.

Ah, yes, feeding time.  The guy in the fifth wheel was the one that fed them.

How about that for supper.  If you look close, there is a guy standing next to the steps of his 5th wheel.

This was just to the left of our Motor Home.  No more than 50 feet.

These were slightly farther away.

Bad close up pic.

And here they are again.

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