June 11, 2006

Sunday, June 11.  Took our 2 walks today.  High temp was about 94 or so, and the humidity was in the upper 30's.  That really changes how hot it feels.  If you are in the sun, it's very hot.  If you can get in the shade, it's not bad, and if there is a breeze going, or if you have a fan going to create a breeze, it's really not bad at all.  Hard to think I wouldn't really grump at 90 plus degrees, isn't it?  Most of the pictures tonight are of the deer that have been hanging around the campground.  Tonight we exited the Motor Home to go for our walk, and and several of the deer started towards us, as if to say, do you have any food for us?  Where's the corn at?  Sadly, we had none.  There is one doe around here that lost part of her left front leg.  Not sure if it might have gotten caught in a mower or trap, but the bottom 6 inches or so is just gone.  She limps along, moving from place to place.  Maybe tomorrow, we will get out into the community a little, not sure yet.  Anyway, that's it for tonight.

Let's eat.

It's feeding time.

Deer scenery.

More deer scenery.

Not your usual campground sight.

Right next to a picnic table.

You ever wish you could turn your head like this?

Hey, when you gotta scratch, ya gotta scratch.

Yup, that's a buck growing antlers.

How's this for a close encounter?

No, she's not dead.

It's just nap time.

This was some of the party going on nearby.

This was the pop up that pulled in beside us on Friday afternoon, and left Sunday morning.

Not a good picture, but that is a buck.

Slightly better.

And yes, he is in Velvet.

And the final one.

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