June 12, 2006

Today is Monday.  We decided to take a little drive today, and headed up route 71 a short distance.  Just up the road a few miles is a small store that sells Pecans.  Since they are not in season, they did not have a huge amount of stuff on hand, but we did buy a small bag of chocolate covered Pecan halves, and a small Praline Pecan, which is like a peanut cluster, only made with Pecans and Praline.  Nice and sweet, just like I like it.  Way too sweet for Sherry, but I thought it was great.  Leaving there we headed to the Post Office in a little town called Ellinger, to mail a couple of letters.  There are 2 pictures below of that building.  Then we headed to a small town called Fayetteville.  It's a nice little town, with only a few stores, of course, there are only a few people there as well.  Overall, the town's houses are reasonably well kept, and looked nice.  We then left there, headed for Columbus again, and picked up a few groceries before heading back to Thousand Trails.  Below are the pictures taken today, and yes, there are pictures OTHER than deer.  Enjoy.

This little guy was sitting on the picnic table just outside our Motor Home eating away.

Then of course, there is his buddy in the background.

On the way back to the Motor Home from our walk, I took this picure, which shows the Pecan trees that we are parked under.

This gives a little better idea of how large the Pecan Trees are.  They produce nuts in the fall of the year.

This is the Post Office for the town of Ellinger.  It's about as big as it looks, and that's not very big.  I don't think you can take more than about 5 or 6 steps once inside the door.

This is the other side of the Post Office building.

A view of a ranch heading towards Fayetteville.

Definately a cattle ranch here.  If you look closely at the ground, it's not much good for anything else.

Somebody trying to grow corn, and it wasn't going well.  This was only about 3 feet high, was dry, and looked horrible.

One of the few scenic pictures we have been able to take in Texas.

And another.

And one more.  Look at the rocks in the field in the foreground.

This was just down the road a short piece, on the other side of the road.  Not much here.

Fairly large house in the distance.

And a small house with cattle in the background.

These are 2 different signs, and frankly, I still don't know what the population is.

A small store in the middle of town.

How about this old house?

Sitting right next to this one.

And then this one.

And on the other side of the street.

Several small stores along a side street.

This definately is a large one.

Poor angle of the entrance to another ranch.

Interesting thing about this used car lot, most of the vehicles were trucks.

And this one I found in one of those small stores in Fayetteville.  I thought it was kind of cute.

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