June 13, 2006

We are about 50 miles south of Dallas/Fort Worth, and about 35 miles or so north of Waco.  Sitting in another Thousand Trails preserve.  This one is named Lake Whitney.  We arrived here and before coming in, I checked to see if we had any internet access with the Sprint air card.  The answer was no.  Uh, oh.  This is gonna be a problem.  I asked the ranger if they happened to have WiFi Internet Access, and she said yes.  She recommended a general area to park in, to have the best shot at getting a connection, and we parked in that general area.  After parking, I checked for access, and it works like a champ.  We have a much faster connection than we had with the air card.  So, here we are, just enjoying the speed.  The best thing is, the access is free.  Free is good.  Any how, the temperature today was 103 degrees.  I guess ya could say, that it was kinda hot.  Actually, when it's 95 at home, with high humidity, it feels worse than what it did here.  We left Columbus, Tx this morning and headed for Waco, and just generally enjoyed the scenery.  This is prairie country for the most part, and just about what we thought Texas would look like.  Anyhow, it's getting late and I'm thinkin I want to go to bed, so there are a few pictures posted below.

A scenery shot on route 71 west after leaving Columbus, headed towards La Grange.

Hey, how about these prices?  Actually, this station has gone out of business some time ago, obviously.

This was the square in La Grange, Tx.  The streets directly around the square were primarily for parking, and then there was a second set of streets for everyone else to drive on.  It was actually a kind of a neat, unique design.

How about this scenery shot.

They say everything is bigger in Texas.  This definately is wider than 12 or 14 feet.

How about this shack.  It is actually an inn now.

I wanted to own one of these in former life.  Ah, yes, things change, and there will be no mansion on the hill,
 with crystal chandaliers.

Scenery, south of Waco.

More scenery, south of Waco.

And, yet, another scenery picture.

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