June 14, 2006

Here at Lake Whitney Thousand Trails.  This is a nice park if you like wooded areas.  Most of the park is built among Cedar Trees.  You know, like the kind of Cedar that you put in your closet to keep the moths out?  The kind to make things smell like cedar.  The stuff that wardrobes and chests are made of.  Plenty and plenty of Cedar.  This one, is anything but level.  Walking from one end to the other requires going up and down several hills.  It's actually a good place to take a walk, because it actually works the legs a good bit, and causes one to get a good workout.  High temps today was 98 degrees and humidity was about 30%.  Tonight when we went for our walk, it was in the low 80's, but felt like about 72.  The low humidity really makes a difference.  Anyhow, below are some pictures we took on the way here, yesterday.  Somehow the picture quality on some of these are not very good.  Hope they show up decent on your monitors.

Finally some decent looking corn.

Scenery shot south of  Waco.

Nice little house and garage along the way.

Supposed to be a scenery shot, and yes that is haze off in the distance.

More scenery and moe haze.  I guess that's normal when it's a hundred and three.

Although it doesn't show up well, that is a turkey up on the pole.

Another scenery with haze.

And another.

And one more.

Not a good shot, but it was definately hazy yesterday.

Coming into Whitney yesterday, this was sitting along the road.  I don't know what it is, but it sure is large.

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