June 16, 2006

High temps today were in the upper 90's,.  We took another 3 1/2 mile walk this morning.  Fortunately, we got up early this morning, so the temperature was only in the low 70's at the time.  Other than that we didn't do anything too exciting today.  Sherry had a little work for today, and later, while walking around the campground, I took a few pictures of a few rigs here.  The pictures show what some of the sites look like.  Most all of them are surrounded by Cedar trees, with some fully covered overhead, while others just have them on the sides.  The ones fully enclosed by the trees, usually fill up first, because the extra shade during the hottest part of the day, makes it feel less uncomfortable.  Hopefully, over the next couple of days I will get some additional pictures of other rigs and campsites available here.  Anyway, we don't plan on moving until at least Tuesday.  Enjoy the pics.

5th wheel onsite for a couple of weeks.

It's check in time......

The satellite internet connection, with an antenna next to the dish for the wifi connection.

A rental cabin.

How about the color of that Ford?

That Ford was parked in front of one of the rental cabins.

They come in all shapes and sizes.

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