June 18, 2006


Sunday, time to relax, take it easy, and get ready for the new week.  We did.  We took our walk this morning, which consisted of walking to the lake again, and through another part of the campground that we hadn't been in before.  When we got back, we grabbed some quarters and headed for the ranger station for a paper.  We were just in time, as we got the last Sunday paper out of the machine.  That meant, we didn't have to drive into town for one.  Overall, including the walk up to the ranger station, we walked about 4 1/4 miles.  Who's a thunk?  Anyhow, while we were on our walk, I took a few pictures around the campground, and right in the middle of it all, my batteries went dead.  No, I didn't have the extra batteries I had been taking the last 3 days.  I forgot them.  So much for taking a bunch of pictures.  After we got back, I replaced them with another pair that were recharged, and proceeded to recharge the ones that just went dead.  If we can drag ourselves out of bed tomorrow morning early enough, we shall take another walk.  Maybe this time, I can get some additional pictures.  High temps today were in the mid 90's, and I have no idea what it felt like, because, after we got back from our walk and came inside, I haven't been outside the rest of the day.  One thing we did find out, after a rain, the cedar smell comes out and is very aromatic.  We did have a strong thunderstorm come through here last night after we went to bed.  Kept us awake for a little while, but it blew through here fairly quickly.  Well, time to end for tonight.  Enjoy the few pics I took today.

This is one of the Cedar trees on the grounds.

Here is a campsite that is fairly shaded, with the overhanging tree branches.

This outfit is geared to go.  This is one of the High-Low type travel trailers.  The ridge
around the middle is the give away.  When these things are collapsed, they are only
about 3 - 4 feet high.  Makes for good towing, less wind resistance, and all that stuff.
Note all the stuff on tables under the awning on the left side.

Another campsite that is fully shaded throughout the day.  The picture is overexposed,
but, this would provide good shade throughout the day.

Here's a painted tv satellite dish.

And a larger version of the above.

Even though it doesn't show up in the picture, the top of the truck, where it is in red,
white, and blue, is painted letting us know he is a member of the Escapees RV Club, and
Thousand Trails.

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