June 19, 2006

Looks like we'll be moving tomorrow, and head up towards the Dallas area.  We're not totally sure yet exactly where we're heading, but, Dallas is only about 70 miles or so from here.  I need to get to a Flying J tomorrow, I want to add some air to the airbags on this bucket of bolts.  I think they may have leaked a little, and I want to fill them back up again.  There is one (Flying J)  slightly east of Dallas, so I think we'll probably head for there.   High temps today were in the mid to upper 90's.  No, we are not close to the Houston area where all the flooding took place.  We are about 150 miles or so north / northwest of there.  In fact, we didn't have any rain this morning.  So, tomorrow morning we shall fill the water tank, and dump the grey and black and be on our way.  Not sure yet, if we will take our normal long walk here or not.  We'll have to see how we feel in the morning.  The pictures below were taken in the campground this morning, after some fresh batteries in the camera.  Many were taken in the "Extended Stay Area", but not all.  Hopefully tomorrow we will have some pictures that are a little more exciting.  Enjoy what is here.  Later.

This is the front of the truck I posted yesterday.  Escapees RV Club, and Thousand Trails, painted on the front of
a storage box that looks like it was made for the bed of a pickup truck.

I kept looking for a Fast Armadillo Crossing, but there was none.

Just a flower we found along our walk this morning.

A volleyball court.

A play area for the kids, and one end of where to pitch horseshoes.

These cedar trees are only about 15 feet or so tall.

Some of the cedar trees we see on our walk in the morning.

One way to get around, yes that is a trike.

This is in the extended stay area.  The concrete pad on the left, under the awning, houses a hot tub.

A park model in the extended stay area with screened in porch.

Also extended stay, in a travel trailer.

Even one of the older GMC Motor Homes.  These were built in the 70's, and no slides.

A King of The Road 5th wheel, although, this is a higher priced model than ours is.

Another park model in the extended stay area.

And another.

And another.

And even another.

Some are not all that fancy, like this one.

Or maybe a little more fancy, like this one with carport.

Here's the neighbor, on the roof, getting the trailer ready to move.  You wouldn't know she
just got out of the hospital a week ago, with heart problems, would ya?

Time to come down.  She made it safely.

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