June 20, 2006

We've moved.  We are now in another Thousand Trails park in Lake Tawakoni, Tx.  This is about 50 miles or so east of Dallas.  We left Lake Whitney this morning, and headed for Dallas, to the Flying J, which turned out to be a bust.  Their air hose was torn off, and unusable.  We looked for a 3 watt booster to install with our antenna system, but they had none.  Across the street, was a TA, they had none, so we backtracked a couple of miles to another truck stop, - they had air, but were going to charge for it - no thanks.  We then backtracked a couple of more miles to a Wal Mart and picked up a few groceries.  While there, we checked for an internet connection, which turned out to be a broadband one, so Sherry checked for her work, and we downloaded it there, as it would not take as long as it might later, if we didn't have a broadband connection.  Leaving there, we headed east on Route 20.  We stopped at a Home Depot to pick up a small item, and across the street was another truck stop, so we headed over there, and low and behold, gas was $2.65 a gal, so we filled up.  Around the side was a station for air, which we decided to take advantage of.  I wanted to fill the air bags on the suspension, because some of the air had leaked out and even sitting in the campground, when walking around, the Motor Home seemed to rock and roll a little bit too much.  Driving today was a trip, because of the air bags, when a truck would pass us, the Motor Home would move around too much on the highway.  After filling the airbags, it was like driving a totally different vehicle.  It didn't wander around, when a truck passed us, it moved a little bit, but nothing like it had earlier.  It's absoulutely amazing how much difference there is driving this with the air bags full.  It doesn't bounce around like it had earlier.  The difference was like night and day.  Anyway, I did get to take a few pictures today, but not as many as I would have liked, and some that I did take, were too dark to post, so there is a limited version below.  Enjoy them.

This is difficult to see, but it is a landscape shot.  Looking ahead and too the right, you can see some.

This kind of speaks for itself.

Another landscape shot.  These are difficult to get, because Texas is not very hilly, and seeing a long distance
just doesn't happen very often.

And here is another, although it is kind of dark.

This is a double wide mobile home, with a fake stone - like skirting.  It actually looked decent from our viewpoint.

How about an rv park just east of Dallas.  Not a tree around the rv's anywhere.

Little closer, but darker picture of the same rv park.  It did have a pond though.

Now this looks more like what you would think of when you think of Texas.

And this.

Here is the same ranch.

With a close up of the house, garage, and barn.  They tend to use a lot of steel buildings for barns, work buildings,
storage facilities, and businesses in general if they are involved in a service, like automotive, farm and such.

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