June 21, 2006

We are here at Lake Tawakoni, and plan to be here until next Tuesday.  Our cell phone and internet access have marginal signals, but enough to give us access.  Hey, as long as it works, that's good.  I'm not going to post any pictures tonight, I only have a couple, so I'll just wait.   We took a walk around part of the campground today, even though we didn't walk the whole thing.  This park is not even close to being full.  There are a lot of  empty spaces, and some of them are pretty nice.  We've got one that is almost fully shaded all day.  We get about 1/2 hour of partial sunlight between 7 and 8 in the evening, otherwise, it is very shaded the rest of the day.  It makes a big difference in the amount of heat coming in through the roof of the rig.  High temps today were in the mid 90's, with low humidity.    I think that later in the week it is supposed to be a few degrees warmer than it was today.  Well, that's about it for tonight.  I think I'll head for bed shortly, as it's getting to be bedtime.  Will try to post again tomorrow night.  Later.

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