June 23, 2006

New personal high for me today.  We took a walk this morning, and another this evening, and with a pedometer on, it says I walked 11,022 steps today.  At a 30 inch stride, that amount to 27,555 feet, or 5.2 miles.  I have to re-check my walking stride, and re-set the pedometer, if necessary.  The distance could be off a little, but the number of steps is correct.  Another item of note, is waking up about 2:00 in the morning by a squirrel in the tree above the Motor Home eating, and parts of the nuts he's eating, dropping on the roof of the Motor Home.  Sounds like a someone dropping bowling balls on the roof.  Alright, not quite that bad, but it definately makes a crack when it hits the roof.  High temp today was about 95 or so, and late this afternoon, there was a thunderstorm that came through north of here, and cooled things off somewhat.  We didn't get any rain from it, though.  It's still 77 degrees at 10:00 this evening, but doesn't fee bad at all.  I tried something a little different today that seems to have helped a little bit.  When parked, the Motor Home has a tendency to rock around a little bit when we walk around inside, so on the way here, I had a 4 x 4 cut to specific lengths, and I put them under the frame, to try to help limit movement when we walk.  So far it seems to have helped somewhat.  Well, there are a few pictures that I took today around the campground.  Can't post them all in one night, so here are a few of them.

A Jeep with a Popup trailer.  Note the blue tank along side of the popup, being used for waste water.

Ah, yes, Flamingo's.  What would a campground be without at least a couple of them?

And a Blue Jay sitting in a nearby tree.

This squirrel has his head in a dish, trying to eat.

And then of course, he's got to stop for a second, and check his surroundings.

Somebody using a Cushman to get around.  Note the chair strapped on the back for a passenger.

This guy is ready to create his own wind.  This fan reminds me of what they use in barns, or chicken houses.

Then, there is the small powered scooter to get around also.

Or maybe a golf cart.

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