June 30, 2006

We went to the Post Office today to pick up some mail, and send some back.  That was at Point, Tx which is about 4 miles north of where we are.  We left there and headed further north to a town called Greenville, Tx.  This is a town of about 26,000 people.  We drove through different parts, and just like Conroe, it depends on where you are as to what it looks like.  Some sections are poor, and some of the newer areas look fairly affluent.  Just a big difference between one side or the other.  While we were driving around, we found a Dollar Tree store.  Going inside, we purchased a few items, and went to the checkout line.  The girl scanned our items and one of them was a six pack of water bottles.  She put them in a bag, and then proceeded to ask, "Y'all want me to double sack those"?  Interesting note, in the south, they don't have bags, they have "sacks".  Go figure.  That is something we've noticed for quite a while.  Different areas of the country, have different terms for the same thing.  Oh, well.  Just hand it over.  We then headed down the street to a Home Depot.  When we left there, we had a blowout.  NO, it was not a tire blowout.  The Motor Home has 4 airbags on it to help assist the suspension.  Who knows how old they are, but I discovered that the left front one leaks air, the last time I tried to put some air in on the way to this campground.  The right one was fine, up until today.  We were leaving Home Depot and I pulled up to the exit, and was just sitting there waiting for some traffic to pass, so I could pull out safely, and BAM.  The right front corner dropped about 2 inches.  Sherry looked at me, I looked at her, and said, Air Bag.  No, I wasn't calling her an air bag.  I was indicating that the right front air bag had just blown out.  A few minutes before that, we had been talking about the left front one, and I was wondering if the leak could be fixed, but after the right on blew out, that took that option out of the equation.  If I remember correctly, the pair is about 60 bucks or so, so they are not expensive.  The front ones do make a difference in how it handles, so I need to replace them.  So, that was a biggie for today.  The pictures that I posted tonight, are not from today's trip.  They are from Tuesday, when we were on the way back from Sulphur Springs.  The ones I took today will be posted later.  Anyhow, enjoy them.

Not all the ranches are 500 acres.  Some are just a few acres with horses.

Nothing special here.

We see these all over the place down here.  Not necessarily Bills, but the Bar B Q places along the road.

Looks like someone else got bitten by the Smurf Blue paint.

In case you didn't get a good look in the above picture, here is a closer shot.  Definately looks like it could glow in the dark.

Tough to see, but there are 2 rv's out in the middle of this field.  Looks like someone's home.

And even those with tents can go camping, in a campground.

If you look close, this Pace Arrow has a single slide that extends almost the full length of the rv.

I just happened to see this on one of our walks.  It has no reference to anything, other than I thought it was funny.

This couple is growing tomatos.

Little closer shot.

And another.  Notice the sign on the lower left.

Here is a shot of that sign.  Notice the house on wheels.

I enlarged this, but it looses some clarity in doing so.

No, the motor home isn't crooked.  I didn't have the camera level.  Deal with it.

This is the low buck solution for helping to take some of the movement out of the rig while parked.  Just a 4 x 4 x 8 cut to length.  The plastic levelers, we had purchased quite some time ago.  About 7 bucks for the 4 x 4.

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