May 5 2006

Finally got on the road today. Not very early mind you, but we finally made it. After loading a few last minute things into the Motor Home, we went to the Post Office, checked the mail, and decided it might be a good thing if we filled up the gas tank in the Motor Home. $170 bucks worth for 59.051 gallons @ $2.87 a gallon at the Hess station. We then went to WalMart and picked up up a couple of things. Then we headed up to Harrisburg and picked up a pair of print cartridges for the printer (just in case). We may not even use the printer this trip, but if we do, we have it along, with extra cartridges. Left Harrisburg, Pa. headed west to Camp Hill, and then took Route 15 South. Not much exciting happening in Penna. Missed getting a picture of the Welcome to Maryland sign. Slow digital camera.

Driving through Maryland on Route 15 is a fairly pleasant drive most of the way. I will post a few pictures of the drive through that state. Nice at this time of the year, with everything turning green, freshly mowed grass, and some of the flowers just starting to bloom.

Getting into Northern Va. and found there are quite a few horse farms in that area of Va. Reminded us of the area in Northern Kentucky with the board fences around the farms. Gas not far inside the Va. line was $2.95 a gallon. Got around the city of Leesburg at rush hour. Stop and go with traffic lights fairly frequently. All in all even though the traffic was fairly heavy, it really wasn't that bad. For the most part, they weren't driving like idiots.

We ended the day at 7:30 in the city of Culpepper, Va. That's about 190 miles since we filled with gas, however, we only left Harrisburg at 3:00. Tomorrow we will head further south. Perhaps some or all of it on Rt. 15 South.

Here's a restored truck sitting just off Rt 15 in Maryland

Larger version of the same truck, not as clear though.

View of part of the drive in Maryland headed south on Rt 15

Farther along on Rt. 15

Brigde heading into Va from Md.

Welcome to Va.

Gas in Northern Va.

How about a Pink Silo, with Polka Dots?

Traffic headed North to Maryland - North of Leesburg, Probably from D.C.

More traffic headed North along Route 15

Just North of Leesburg, Va.

Can't say I like the color, but hey, it's a 55 Chevy

Seems kind of ironic, but the end of road work sign, and here's where the traffic jam started.

Turns out this light was the problem, probably normal Friday afternoon traffic.  Remember, we're not all that far from D.C.

Just a sign along Route 15.

How about the paint job on this Hummer.

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