May 06, 2006

Didn't drive very far today.  Only went about 115 miles or so.  We are currently in Farmville, Va., home of Longwood University.  This is roughly half way between Lynchburg, and Richmond.  From Culpeper, driving South on Rt. 15 was a very pleasant drive.  It is a nice 2 lane road, and maybe it was just because it was a Saturday, but there was not a lot of traffic.  There was however, plenty of nice Va. scenery.  I have posted some pictures below of some of what we saw today.  High temps were about 85 degrees.  Just right for the wife, and too warm for me.

Once we arrived at Farmville, we decided to re-arrange the living room/dining room in the Motor Home.  We have 2 tables that are 36" wide and 30" deep.  We had one on each side of the Motor Home behind the drivers seat and behind the co-pilot's seat.  We also had 4 sets of plastic drawers that were under the tables.  After one day's use, we decided it was too inconvenient getting items out of those drawers.  We moved both tables to the left side of the coach, behind the drivers seat, placed the chairs in the center of the coach, with both facing the left side window, and then placed the drawers on the right side of the coach, towards the window on the co-pilot's side.  This arrangement seems to be much better.  When we are ready to drive, both chairs are pushed in under the tables, and we now have a very nice walkway down the center of the coach.  I still am amazed at how much usable space we have been able to find in a 27' coach.

We found a couple of Thrift Shops today, one in Farmville, the other about 25 miles up the road from here.  Didn't buy anything, just stopped in to look.  We did find a Dollar Tree store here and purchased a couple of pair of sunglasses for a $1 each.  Kinda left ours at home.  Duh.

Anyhow, we decided to hang out today for a while, and take it easy.  I had to fuel up again today. After getting a whopping 6.65 mpg., I think I am going to install the original carb on this thing.  I think it did better with the original carb than the replacement I put on.  I can't remember getting that poor of mileage even driving around town.  Granted, we did have some stop and go driving on the way down here.  Maybe the original carb will do better.  We shall see.  After the next tank full, I shall give an update.

Anyhow, that's it for today.

Here is a view of Rt. 15 South of Culpeper, Va.

Another view a little farther South on Rt 15

And another view even further South on Rt. 15

Found a nice Azalea bush along Rt 15.  Very nicely colored.

Looking at the price of food along the way.

Close up of above prices.

We found a Fixer-Upper....

Larger picture of the Fixer-upper...

And of course the real close up..  Looks like it needs some real tender loving care.

And of course, every house needs a barn/shed to go with it, although this was not on the same property as the house.

Then of course there is Granny's Attic.....wasn't open when we went through during Saturday afternoon.

Then we found this in the town of Farmville, Va.  Cool, huh?  Maybe a candidate for an rv conversion?

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