May 8, 2006

I posted a lot of pictures on this page, so just let it load, it will eventually get there.

Today was kind of interesting.  We traveled well over 200 miles.  Not much if you're going down an interstate at 65 mph, but when you're running back roads at 25 mph to 45 mph, it's not bad.  It was in the low 50's when we got up this morning.  It never got out of  the 50's until we got into Tennessee.  Then it warmed up into the upper 60's.  We saw some of the most interesting scenery on the trip so far today.  There was one scene I wish I could have taken a picture of, but alas, when you're on a back road, and there is no place to turn around, it just didn't happen.  What we saw was a Mobile Home at the top of a hill, probably about 150 feet high, but the driveway was basically straight up at about a 45 degree angle.  How they ever got that home up there, would have had to be interesting.  The only way I can think of is to use a bulldozer and drag it up, or by Helicopter.  Yes, it was that steep.  Then there was a Dodge pickup parked about 1/3rd of the way up the driveway, just sitting there, like it couldn't go any further.

I did get some photos today while we were on route 268 headed west from Wilkesboro, NC of the great scenery.  However, the road narrowed to the point, that there was barely room for two large vehicles to pass.  The road could not have been wider than 17 feet.  The Motor Home is 8 feet plus mirrors, and I could not see the lines on both sides of the Motor Home in the mirrors.  Could only see 1 line on 1 side, when I moved over a little bit, then the line on the other side disappeared.  Fortunately, there was very little traffic.  Eventually, we turned onto route 321 North.  Got into some rough sections, on that, going up some steep hills, winding, back and forth and the freezer door on the Fridge opened up, and out came most of the frozen food onto the floor.  No harm done, and thank God, the refrigerator door stayed shut.  That is the first time we ever had either one open up.  It was a very rough, and winding road, to say the least.

Once we crossed into Tennessee on route 321 was some of the most beautiful scenery that we have seen so far.  That's where we saw the Mobile Home up on the hill.  Enjoy the pictures below, as is usual, the pics do not really do justice to the actual item, but is better than none.

Hopefully, we will get to see the chairs tomorrow.  Bedtime.

Lots of small restaurants, gas stations, and small convenience stores along the way.

And of course, no trip is complete without seeing an old Fire Truck.

More North Carolina scenery.

I actually took this to show how they save money on guard rails.  It does not show up very well in the picture, but the bank on the left drops off about 20 feet.  Look, no guard rails.  Like that all over the place in this area.

More scenery in N.C.

And yet even another.

Looking at this kind of ratty looking shed, and yet it is still in use, as is evident with the cattle in the field.

Mountains in the backgrount.

House up on the hill.  See the power lines on the left side of the picture.

Then of course, we also ran into fog so thick, we couldn't see 50 feet in front of the Motor Home.  This picture was not at that spot.  This was actually better visibility than we had later.


This town was at the top of a mountain, and it was completely fogged in.  We drove through the town on the business route, and could see very little.  This sign was about 30 feet from where I was sitting.  Really foggy.

And then it cleared up and we entered Tennessee.

Scenery in Tennessee.

Another small store along a mountain road.

Saw a bunch of these signs on the drive into the eastern area of Tennessee.

Ours wasn't the only house that would glow in the dark.

Shed built along the side of the road.

Another road sign, with mountains barely visible in the background.

A marina along the route we were on through the mountains.

Another small town in Eastern Tennessee.

The water tower at the end of the town.

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