May 10, 2006

Today was an interesting day.  Sherry and I were like 2 kids in a candy store.  We decided to go to a Farmers Market that was just a short distance from where we stayed.  We drove there and while it was not a large one, (compared to Roots or Green Dragon, they had some interesting items there.  I have posted a number of pictures below,  most are humorous.   After wandering around there for a while, we left and headed for Black Mountain, which is 20 miles or so East of Asheville, NC.  We found a brochure yesterday when we were entering NC at the visitors center about a Hardware Store, and we decided then, to visit it today.  We found a whole bunch of stuff in there that are not in a lot of other stores anymore.  Posted below are those pictures also.  The town of Black Mountain turned out to have a whole bunch of little shops along several of it's streets, selling a whole lot of different items.  Like I said, give us a hardware store, or a Farmers/Flea market, and it's just like a couple of kids inf a candy store.  We usually don't buy a whole lot, but looking at the stuff is a lot of fun.  Instead of buying, we just take a bunch of pictures.  It's cheaper that way.  We were going to take route 9 South from Black Mountain, to get on I 85, but when we saw a sign not recommending Semi trucks to use that route, we changed our minds, and decided to take a different route.  We are currently parked in a Thousand Trails preserve in South Carolina.  This is on the western end of SC and about 100 miles from Atlanta, Georgia.  I think we may stay here tomorrow instead of traveling.  We may (or may not) explore the area here before moving on.  We'll see how things shake out after we get up tomorrow.   I guess that's about it for this evening.  Will try to post tomorrow.

How about that, a 57 Chevy.

How about a book about barns?  Got some interesting ones in there.  No, I didn't buy it.

How about a Hillbilly Brief Case?

Hillbilly Cell Phone, made out of wood.

Maybe a can of Whup Ass?

Maybe the Tv remote.

Table with legs made out of branches.

Planter made again out of wood branches.

I didn't know that cider was made of fruit other than apples.  We bought some Strawberry.  Yummmm.

More flavors of cider.

Flower pot kids, made with flower pots, of course.

Found this in the hardware store in Black Mountain.  When was the last time you saw some of this?

For those needing help with their spaghetti.

Sounds like an interesting flavor of Jelly...

Here's a new view on life.  Actually, it's a cookbook.

May the Forest be with you......

Gotta love somebody's humor.....

When was the last time you saw this in the store.  I used to play with these when I was a kid.

And of course, something to allow the musicians in the family to tell time.

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