May 11, 2006

In all honesty, there isn't much to report today.  We decided to stay put in Thousand Trails Preserve.  We took a walk around the grounds a little, took a nap this afternoon, just generally goofed off today.  I do however, have some pictures to post.  The first was taken today in the campground, the rest were taken yesterday morning, that I forgot to post yesterday.  I think tomorrow we will probably head out of here.  There is a small town near here called Fair Play.  I think we may take a short drive there and see what all they have there.  After that it is just anybody's guess which direction we will head in.  Will post more tomorrow.

Here's a picture of a Honda Element that is parked in the same campground we are in.  I thought the writing on the left was kind of unique - "Baby Hummer". 

Here's a picture of one of those items from the past.  I'm not sure what year this is, but it is a B61 Mack.  That will bring back memories for some in the family.  Many hours spent in a model similar to this.

A little closer than the first picture.

Different angle.

View of fuel tank and utility box on back behind cab.

Box with the step on it under the door, I'm not sure if this opens or not, the one on the right side does.

More storage on the right side.  Again, the box under the door opens for storage as well as the one behind the cab and on the right rear.  Pretty cool, huh?

Here's a closer picture of  the exhaust.  The muffler exits into a T pipe, which then goes up both sides, looking like it is a V-8 engine, but it actually is not.  Just a 6 Cylinder with a split pipe.

As I said, definately a B-61 Mack.

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